Welcome to Aloha Data Services!
Aloha Data Services is Hawaii’s premier data solutions firm. We coordinate, organize, input and convert paper based data, delivering information back to clients in an electronic format. This allows client organizations to save or optimize resources while still obtaining the benefits of converting data into a useable format. And most importantly, it will increase our client’s productivity, performance and profits. read more
bullet_3_s3_green Data Recovery Services
We offer professional, fast and economical data recovery caused by hard drive crash, software corruption, a computer virus, or human error. read more
 Custom Data Entry
Our professional staff will enter your data into any digital format, including SAS, MS Excel, MS Access, Text (comma, tab, space). By request we can enter your data TWICE, eliminating data entry errors, resulting in 100% verification. read more


bullet_3_s3_green Scanning and Indexing Services
Scan source paper documents (simplex or duplex) in an industry standard format for document imaging/archival systems. read more

Data Analysis
Our Master's- and Ph.D.-level statisticians will analyze your data, and generate reports in publishable format. We use SAS, STATA, or any other program appropriate for the job. read more
bullet_3_s3_green Transcription Services
Audio to text in Japanese, English and Chinese